Our mission, being the most sought-after pest exterminator in Brooklyn, is to offer result-oriented, customer-centric, and cost-competitive services to our client. Our 10+years experience has enabled us to know the needs and requirements of households in Brooklyn. What differs us from other exterminator companies is the fact that we respond much faster than others leveraging our expertise and latest technologies. Our mission continues to remain to offer cost-beneficial services and developing a close personalized bond with our clients.

The vision of PEB is to further satisfy our valued customers focused on constant innovations in the area of exterminator services. We aim to ensure that the growth curve of our company moves up with the support of customer satisfaction and trust. The company wants to further widen its customer loyalty so that they consider PEB as their friend always willing to stand by them in making their home truly a sweet one without the presence of pests. Exterminator Brooklyn aim to offer a very high Return On Investment of our clients.

PEB’s growth strategy envisages diversification of services adding the newest scientific approach to the exterminator domain. Further, it aims to gain a larger market share in Brooklyn. This will give a competitive advantage to the company to further widen its penetration in the city areas. PEB will focus on stability, customer retention through seamless services, introducing the newest scientific innovation in the exterminator domain and re-invention as major planks of the corporate growth strategy. Cost leadership is central to the corporate plan.

We are already a leading pest control company in Brooklyn having gained massive trust of the people of Brooklyn. The company now is poised to take a giant leap with its new strategic corporate future plan devolved to meet the growing demand for controlling the pests. As the demand for both commercial and residential pest control is rising sharply, the company has drawn up its future plans accordingly. All these plans are based on our ingrained knowledge in the domain of applied entomology. The planks of our future plans are specialized consultancy, inspection, preventive actions, identification, analysis, monitoring and documentation. As part of our future plans, we aim to grab larger market shares by widening our environment-friendly value-added services to such areas as warehouses, industries, homes, restaurants, motels, food processing units, resorts and other structural properties. We will also enter into pre-construction and post-construction buildings/structures.

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PEB is the most trusted name in Brooklyn for providing a single-window services to all your pest-worries. Get in Touch to stay Pest Free.

We have evolved special scientific methods towards the need of customers to maintain a sweet home with no worries apprising out of the presence of pests of any kind. We are the popular address in Brooklyn as far as controlling the pests is concerned.

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All houses in Brooklyn need to be cleared of pests. Since pests pose serious threat to life to people, they must speed up to get rid of cockroaches, mice and rats and other such living dangers in their houses in Brooklyn. Delays in exterminating such pests can prove to be life-threatening to the residents.

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Cockroach Exterminators 99%
Mice & Rat Control 95%
Residential Pest Control 91%
Commercial Pest Control 97%
Termite Control Services 97%
Bed Bug Exterminators 97%

PEB takes up all challenges as it is equipped with all the latest technological know-how and most efficient staff who can cleanse a home of undesirable pests with the supreme result.

We are into the exterminating business for 6+ years. That is why our strategic planning for exterminator service carved out a place for itself in Brooklyn. The company offers inspections and removal plans for cockroaches, bedbugs, termite, mice and rats and all other pests. PEB does both Commercial Pest Control and Residential Pest Control. Our service-range is very wide offering a solution to almost all pest problems.

PEB offers a wide range of services that includes all areas of pest control.

We are a single-source solution point relating to problems of pests and their termination. Using updated exterminator technologies, we offer a sweet-home with no pest worries by treating and terminating termites, bedbugs, cockroaches, ant, spider, mosquito, house-fly, wall lizards, centipede and millipede.

6+ years of experiences for give you better results.

Private Exterminator Brooklyn is a 100% guarantee company. This is the reason we are a signature-mark in providing pest control services.